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About Me – Jonathin!


So, who is “me”?  My given name is Jonathin, but I usually keep it simple – Jon.  Before you ask, yes that is the correct spelling of my name.  The story, as my Mom told it was, the hospital made a typo on the birth certificate and when my Mom brought it to their attention, they offered to correct it to the common spelling.  When she heard that, she said “no, it’s cute, leave it that way”.  So, I have spent my life telling this story to any one who sees my name in print!

I am originally from the USA – Wisconsin.  At age 19 I started a variety of jobs with the U.S. Government and after 20 years retired.  One of my primary responsibilities was converting paper systems to computerized systems, thus starting my computer career.  Since leaving the government, I have done actual classroom teaching as well as Internet Based Live Classes with International students for 9 years.


Some of Jonathin’s academic achievements include:

AS Bio-Engineering

BS Psychology

MA International Marketing

MA Business Administration

MEd Education

Certified Microsoft Master Instructor

eBay Education Specialist

The list goes on . . .


A few years ago I started teaching myself how to build a Web site, and the whole Internet thing kind of developed a second life for me.  My favorite software was MS FrontPage, but it has been slowly dying off.  With a basic format change from html to the now more popular php, css, and more, I’ve started using Adobe’s DreamWeaver CS5 for all of my hands on work.

With my 20 years government retirement combined with my Internet income, I am pretty much free to go and live where ever I want.  Now, I call Honolulu, Hawaii my permanent home, but at most I spend half of my time there.  I also have a residence in Hong Kong and another in Mainland China.  I can live like a King in one of the major cities in China on just a fraction of what I make!  Out of every w months, I spend one traveling.  My favorite destinations are Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, the occasional visit to Australia, and every once in a while I make it to Europe.

Really, being totally Internet based, when traveling all I have to do is verify ahead of time that the hotel has Internet service.  And in most places, the Internet is a standard feature.  Even in China, any city worth visiting – all the hotels have free Internet.

A bit of a side note about my Internet life.  I have a Web site dealing with just about anything you can imagine.  Of course you have found Domain Hosting Place or you wouldn’t be reading this now, but I also have a Web site on Learning Chinese Language in China.  I have a Web Store for Asian Art.  There’s a Christian site, a Fishing site, and the list continues, 135 Web sites in all.  Several of the Web sites I have friends running for me, but I do still maintain a bunch of them myself.  Fir me, it’s not work, it’s fun!


OK, that’s enough about Jonathin.  Now go and check out some of my reviews or any of the articles I’ve personally written here.  If you like to read more and see some of my personal photo’s, you can find me at Jonathin.com.


Enjoy . . .