Best SEO Methods For 2011

Best SEO Methods For 2011

By Deanna Hibbs

To get ranked well in the search pages you really need the best SEO methods and techniques to get a head of the competition. When you apply the following SEO methods I am about to share with you consistently and methodically with all your content, you will rank well in the search engines for your chosen keyword.

Below are some basic on page SEO methods that must be followed when publishing your blog posts.

The keyword should always be in the title and preferably first example because I am trying to rank for the keyword SEO methods my title has this in the first few words.
You must also include your keyword in the first sentence of your description
Your keyword must be in your URL example: mine would be my domain name /SEO methods for 2011 as the permalink.
Your keyword must be in your last sentence
Your category must be your main niche and your actual keyword your sub niche for example for this article my category would be SEO and my sub category would be my main keyword, which are best SEO methods.
By including all five of these on page SEO methods it will put you ahead of over 70 % of your competition. In my experience I have seen so many authors miss out on ranking because they haven’t included these five basic SEO techniques.

You will notice however an exception to that rule when you look at high page ranking sites, usually 3 and above don’t SEO optimize and yet still rank well. This is because Google sees them as high authority sites and ranks them automatically on their prior efforts.Until then though we must follow these simple rules and aim for a higher page rank also.

The following are some basic off page SEO methods that should be followed to ensure a high-ranking in the search engines.

The following plugins are a must to have on your Word press blog

All-In-One-SEO. This plugins asks you for your title, description and keyword tag and is vital for search engine optimization.
Digg Digg. This plugin puts a row of social media icons from the top social media sites at the top of your blog post which makes it simple for readers to book mark and share your content with others.
Xml Site map. This is a word press plug helps search engines to more intelligently crawl a website and keep their results up to date.
By using the WordPress plugins above you are setting yourself up for success with both the search engines and syndication from visitors to your site.

Implementing both on page and off page SEO methods are crucial if you want to rank well on the search engine pages. What I have explained to you here in this article, if implemented on a consistent basis will guarantee you a high search engine ranking.

The last piece of the puzzle to my best SEO methods for 2011 is content syndication and back links which is another full subject on its own and I will cover in another article.

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Best SEO Methods For 2011

Today, I hope you picked up a little more knowledge and can better understand some of the Best SEO Methods Fro 2011.  I’ll be looking for more helpful information about this and other topics to post here in the future.  Until then, don’t forget, at Domain Hosting Place there’s always something new to be found!

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