cPanel For Domain Hosting Management

cPanel For Domain Hosting Management


cPanel For Domain Hosting Management – Why Do You Need It?


cPanel For Domain Hosting Management.  Managing the many components of your domain hosting account can be a very complicated and extremely technical task.  Fortunately for all of us, the entire process has been extremely simplified.  CPanel is not the only management system but it is by far the most widely used by domain hosting providers.


Simplified With cPanel For Domain Hosting Management

Can you imagine adding a dozen more domains to your hosting account?  How about setting up a subdomain to a few of those?  How many people are going to need an email account?  And did you say you want a blog – do you know how to install the database that is required to make a blog function?  There is no way you’re ever going to learn all of the coding necessary to complete those tasks.  This is where cPanel, or what ever type of management system your provider offers, step in to “do all the work” for you.  Every one of the above tasks can be completed with a few clicks and filling in a text box or two.  Below you can see an example of how the typical cPanel looks.  The cPanel is sectioned into several categories.  In the cPanel example below if cut it off with only six of the categories shown, but you still get the feel of how the cPanel looks.



Your “File Manager” utility is probably one of the most useful, yet under utilized items in all of cPanel.  All of the files contained in all of the domains being hosted can be found here, added to, modified, moved around, or just deleted.  All of the FTP functions can also be found in this section of cPanel.



The domains section along with the email section is probably where you will be doing most of your cPanel visit.  Here is where you manage your original domain as well as setting up addon domains, subdomains, redirects, and more . . .



The name is self explanatory.  This is where you will set up everything having to do with email accounts.  cPanel For Domain Hosting Management makes it a simple task to create as many new email accounts, add forwarding and auto responders, and many other options to as many email accounts as you wish to create.



Quite simply, this section of cPanel  is where you can create databases and manage them.



Depending on the specific version of cPanel your provider uses, this may have a different name but the idea is the same.  This is where you can find a wide variety of services such as setting up a WordPress blog.



As the name suggests, this section of cPanel gives you a variety of logs where you can view many statistics about your site, such as traffic, unique visitors, page views, and more.


cPanel For Domain Hosting Management


cPanel For Domain Hosting Management – Conclusion

This article has been a simple overview of the functions and how cPanel can be your greatest tool in domain hosting management.  Your provider will probably have learning aids to help guide you through the various cPanel tasks you can perform.  This is just your introduction to using cPanel For domain Hosting Management.
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I hope cPanel For Domain Hosting Management was helpful.