Free Domain Hosting

Free Domain Hosting
Free Domain Hosting


Like the title says, this article is about Free Domain Hosting.  Any time I hear the word “free’, I always have two thoughts:  “you get what you pay for” and “how much is this free thing going to cost me”!  There are many pros and cons to free hosting, but as I’ve said in several other articles, any decision you make needs to be based upon your individual situation.  I’ve listed some of the good as well as some of the bad points to consider before you make your final decision.  Remember, Free Domain Hosting is just one option, have a look at my article on Domain Hosting Plans to help decide what features you’re going to be needing.


Good Things About Free Domain Hosting


1.  Well, there’s the most obvious point – it’s free!

2.  If you are setting up a simple personal Web site, there’s no need for more investment.  Free is good, so why not go for it?

3.  Quite often “your Web site” will actually be a subdomain of the actual hosting provider.  Something like  Now generally this would be a bad point as I will cover next, but in some cases you may like the look of the domain name.  Being a subdomain you should have many choices for a name, unlike trying to catch a nice sounding dot com of you own.


Bad Things About Free Domain Hosting


1.  As just stated above, quite often the will be a subdomain and may not have a very professional appearance.  This would probably make it unsuitable for any ecommerce site.

2.  A big draw back is usually the limited amount of disk space and bandwidth you’re allowed.  I’ll be talking much more about these in other articles about what to look for in Web hosting.

3.  A major draw back, especially if your site is commercial, is advertizing.  We all know that nothing is free, so if you’re not paying, who is?  Advertisers!  Most free hosting services will place ads on your Web site, generally at the top as a banner and also at the bottom.

4.  Not your site.  Unless you have bought your own domain name, and it is being hosted for free, the hosting company owns your domain..  Basically, you have no “real” control

over it.

5.  Almost always, the number of additional features is going to be much more limited with Free Domain Hosting when compared to any other paid hosting service.  You may be limited to only one email address.  In the past .php was not allowed on free hosting, however with the increasing demand for blogs, this feature has become available for many free sites.

6.  With all of the above draw backs, you can easily see that by using free domain hosting you basically place yourself at the mercy of the hosting company.


Conclusion For Free Domain Hosting


There are many places to get this free hosting.  Al you have to do is run a simple search for it and you will be even more confused with all the results.  The last time I checked, there were close to 300 million results for this search.  As always, the bottom line should be you.  What’s the purpose of your Web site and how much growth or additional features will you want in the future.  It’s your Web site and your choice, so check out Free Domain Hosting and decide for yourself!
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I hope my Free Domain Hosting article was a help!