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Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name


Understanding a Domain Name may be done best by simply giving some definitions and examples of a few terms used.  You’ve probably heard all of these before and after a minute of head scratching, just said “oh its that techy stuff that I don’t want or need to know”.  Well today we’ll give you a quick education on some of this techy stuff.  But don’s worry, we’ll keep it understandable.


DNS – Domain Name System

Domain Name System is exactly what it says.  During the Internets infancy things were easy because there were only a few computers.  Think of the telephone.  In the early years of the telephone you just picked it up and an operator asked who you wanted to talk to.  You said “Alice” and were connected.  As computers became more and more common, the Internet became more and more crowded.  Go back to the telephone.  What do you do now that it has become such a crowded place?  If it’s a local call, you dial a local number.  But, if it’s in another area or state you dial a prefix (area code).  And, if it’s in another country you dial another prefix (country code).  So, as the Internet grew into the same situation as the telephone, the Domain Name System was created as one accepted way to control everything.


I.P. Address

The Internet Protocol Address can be thought of as that telephone number with its local, area, and country numbers.  Every computer on the Internet is assigned an I.P. Address and it’s this address that allows the Internet to connect you with what ever it is you are looking for.  The typical I.P. Address would look something like this  It may look like gibberish to you, but trust me when I say, that number will take you somewhere if typed into your Web browser!


Domain Name

The domain name is the human part of this whole process.  As I said above, if you type in that I.P. Address it will take you somewhere, but where?  The domain name is a simple translation of that I.P. Address into words so that us humans can understand it.  Lets go back to the telephone discussion.  The domain name is the same thing.  Lets look at some examples and understand what it is were looking at.  For example:  The World Wide Web (www) tells the Internet where to start looking.  The dot com is called the “Top Level” and just helps narrow the process.  Finally, “walmart” is a further defining location.  Now, all of this will get you to the Web site you’re looking for, but often that is not good enough.  We may need to be even more specific to get to the exact location, or page that we need.  That takes us to the final definition, the url.



The Uniform Resources Locator is the specific place we want to visit.  Think of the example above.  Yes, what you want is located at Walmart, but we want a certain location within that site.  It’s like you wanting to buy a mans shirt and a friend sends you to Walmart.  That’s great but the shirt is not at “Walmart”.  It’s in the shirt isle of the mens section at Walmart.  The url is the same.  In this case the full url (name) would look like this


So Much More About Domain Names

This truly has been a very brief introduction to a huge topic, Domain Names.
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Domain Name Summary

As complicated and technical as much of this must seem, we’ve only touched the surface of this topic.  We’ll continue to present more information here in the future.  We will also be talking about and reviewing some of the best resources, tell you where to go, and maybe find some discounts for you when it’s time for you to go out and get your own domain name.