Buying A Domain Name

Buying A Domain Name
Buying A Domain Name


Buying a Domain Name starts with asking yourself several questions before you start the actual process.  At the end of this article I’ve given you what are probably the two largest domain name sellers today.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Domain Name

1.  First of all what is going to be the purpose of Buying A Domain Name and how do you want people to find it and remember it?  If this is going to be a personal Web site, you may choose what ever name you want without caring that much about its significance.  For example, you could choose John90120 – your name and zip code.  However if this is going to be for a business or source of income, you really should give it some serious thought.  Think of a name that when people see it, they will recognize something about it.  Such as DomainHostingPlace as a name for domain hosting information!  And don’t forget to try and make it an easy to remember name.
2.  Think again about the purpose of your Web site.  Now choose a Top Level Domain (TLD).  If it’s a personal site you may want a .info name.  It’s cheaper and usually easier to find a good name.  If your primary intention is ecommerce, you really should look for a .com.  Now days, finding a “good” .com name can be difficult simply because so many have already been taken.  But, having a .com is a big advantage simply because of recognition – people tend to relate a .com to a business, thus giving your site more presumed credibility.  Also, search engines also seem to give .com’s a higher relevance in searches.
3.  Continuing with the assumed credibility thought, if your primary audience is worldwide, that .com is best.  However, if your primary audience is in a specific country, you can also look at a TLC for that country.  If your primary audience is in Japan, look at getting a .jp name.  Selling to people in England or even all of Europe, a .uk name gives you more authority.
4.  Buying A Domain Name that is about to expire or expired domain is also a good thought if your goal is ecommerce.  By getting an “aged” domain you may also gain some higher ranking with search engines.  Again, both sources below have listings for these expiring/expired names.


The Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers is something I’d like to familiarize you with.  At the start of this article I talked about those sources selling domain names.  Well, technically that is not correct.  For a yearly fee, they register the name with ICANN.  When Buying A Domain Name, ICANN is actually the agency that assigns and monitors all those names.  The primary way in which they monitor everything is with a public data base known as “Whois”.  In the Whois database you can find all of the registration information about any TLD’s that they currently control.  So what does that mean to you?  Anyone can do a simple search for a domain in the Whois Directory and get all of your personal information that is listed, and yes, when you originally register your domain you must provide that information.

Whois Guard and Domains By Proxy

Here’s something else to think about when Buying A Domain Name.  Obviously, there are many people who do not want their information made available.  And no, I’m not insinuating and fraudulent thoughts on your part.  I am saying that there are spammers, marketers, and people who do have fraud on their mind that would like your information.  There are two sources that I recommend to protect you from such things.  They are Whois Guard and Domains By Proxy.  They are both a service which will replace your information with theirs.  This in no way affects your ownership of the name; it’s merely a protection for your information.  These are available when you originally register your domain (sometimes free for the first year) or even later should you decide to get it.  They can be found below as part of the registration process when you place an order.


When Buying a Domain Name, GoDaddy is one of the domain name registration sources.  They are probably the largest and certainly the best known registrar, have acceptable prices, and often offer discounts on their services.  I personally have several of my own names registered through them and like the service.  I will tell you right from the start, they have many “extras” that they offer once you select the name(s) you want to register.  I personally just skip over all the upsells and go straight to the shopping cart and check out!

Name Cheap

This is another good source for registering a domain name.  I also have an account with them and have never had any problems.  What I recommend is to have a look at both of these, compare prices, and get you domain name.

Only Three Choices When Buying A Domain Name?

No, obviously not only three.  These are just the two registrars that I have been using over the years, in fact I have more sources that you can find at my Domain Registration Providers List.


As with all the articles I write, every thing contained here is my personal opinion, but it is all based on personal experience and lots of research on the subject.  Don’t forget to check out my next article, Domain Name And SEO.  This is my report on Buying A Domain Name.