Domain Name And SEO

Domain Name And SEO
Domain Name And SEO


Domain Name And SEO, or Search Engine Optimization will be my topic of this article should be treated as a very import topic.  If you are going to be setting up an ecommerce Web site, this one simple step is an absolute first step and a must if you want to be successful and make money.  Or, do you want to spend hours hunting to see just how low you’re site is ranking in the search engines.

The absolute first rule in Domain Name and SEO is to have your keyword(s) or niche in your domain name.  It only makes sense that when someone types in a keyword(s), niche, question, or what ever the first thing a search engine is going to do is for domains that have those words in them.  Now there are many other factors that are looked at by the search engines, but as a rule, all of these factors can be added, deleted, modified, or what ever is needed to maximize your Search Engine Optimization.  But, the one thing that can not be changed is the actual domain name.  Oh yes, you can go out and buy a totally new name but by doing that you really are starting from zero all over again.  I cover more on Keyword Usage in another article.


Expiring or Expired Domain Names = Aged Domain Name And SEO

Something I look for Domain Name And SEO are expiring or expired domain names.  The age of a name is another factor in getting ranked high in search engine results.  Here’s one of my little tricks, and I have bought about 60% of my current domains using this trick.  I will just look through the domains that are about to expire.  Now a huge number of them are junk that never had a chance of success in the first place, however, the occasional gem sometimes appears.  Quite often those gems only appear because the owner just forgot to renew the name on time.  Probably, they changed their email address, ailed to update their contact information, and never got the renewal notice.  Their loss my/your gain!  I have actually gotten a few really hot domain names, over 10 years old, with page rank and back links for only ten bucks!


Renew Your Domain Registration.

Just another thought, but think about what I just said above.  You may want to register your new domain for multiple years so that it won’t be expiring every year.  Also, always be sure your domain registrar you are using has current contact information for you.  As a note:  If you are using one of those alias’s like Whois Guard or Domains By Proxy, no need to worry.  Even though your information is not shown to the public in the Whois database, the actual registrar will be able to contact you.


Summary of Domain Name And SEO

Bottom line , always follow rule number one of Search Engine Optimization.  For an ecommerce Web site, always include your keyword(s) or niche in your Domain Name And SEO.
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This has been Domain Name And SEO.