Expired Domain Name

Expired Domain Name
Expired Domain Name


Buying an Expired Domain Name.  Getting traffic to your new Web site is always the greatest challenge to over come when first starting out.  If you can find an Expired Domain Name that is relevant to your chosen niche, this could be a hugs jump start to your traffic problem.  Have a look below and lets examine this to see what’s going on.


What Is An Expired Domain Name?

An Expired Domain Name is quite simply, exactly what it says; it’s a domain name that for what ever reason has expired and is no longer being used.  But, why did it expire?  Don’t assume it expired because the name was junk and had no value.  In fact, quite the opposite; any expired domain name has some value above a newly created/registered name, if for no other reason than the fact it’s “aged”.


Reasons For An Expired Domain Name

Some of the reason that a domain name may have expired are

  1. The original owner thought it was junk.
  2. The owner simply forgot to renew it.
  3. The owner changed their email address and forgot to update the registration contact.
  4. The owner simply lost interest or moved on to a new niche.
  5. Don’t rule out the possibility of the owner dying!

What ever the reason for non-renewal, once it’s expired its up for grabs and if it is a name that will in some way match your niche, why not grab it?


Why An Expired Domain Name?

Getting the traffic is what you must have, and Search Engine Optimization is the key factor in getting it.  An Expired Domain Name may be able to give you a little jump start on SEO.  Actually, it could be the difference between taking days or taking months to get traffic.  Here are some of the bonuses an Expired Domain Name could bring to your new Web site in terms of SEO:

  1. Hey, it’s an Expired Domain Name!  That means it has a very minimum of one year of age compared to a new domain name with 5 minutes of age.  Actually, I have found a few of these with over 10 years of age.
  2. It may come with a little Page Rank higher that the zero a new name will have.  The same is true for its Alexa Ranking.
  3. Here is what could be a “biggy”.  It could have backlinks already pointing to it.  Backlinks are a big determining factor in where a search engine ranks you, so if you could start out with already established backlinks, great!


So, How Do You Know?

There are a variety of ways to check and see how much value you’ll be getting when buying a specific Expired Domain Name.  You can do a search for SEO toolbars which will give you some nice options.  Firefox is probably the best browser to be using as it has good support for most of these toolbars.  The two that I personally use are “SEO Toolbar” and “SeoQuake Toolbar”.  Actually, if you have Google Toolbar, that will show you the Page Rank.   You can also check the Alexa Ranking at Alexa.com.  When checking for age, a simple way is at WhoIs.com, which will give you all of the registration information including when it was first established.  As a note, don’t be scared away if you see a page rank of 0.  Consider everything else too.  I’ve seen some PR0 sites on page one of Google simply because all of the other SEO factors were strong.  Remember the first rule in Keyword Usage, try to have your niche/keyword in the domain name.


Where To Get An Expired Domain Name

There are a variety of sources, but frankly the one I use and recommend is GoDaddy.  Not that I like GoDaddy so much, but they do have by far the largest selections when looking for an Expired Domain Name.  Yes, they do have some that are priced way into the thousands of dollars, but don’t be discouraged.  I have found lots of really good names for $5 to $10 (plus the actual registration fee of about ten bucks).  Last year I found a very popular name that was 11 years old, with nice PR and Alexa rankings, and I paid $10 for it.


Expired Domain Name Conclusion

I think you can see from what I’ve written, that this is something well worth looking into.  You must get that traffic and why not start from day one with some nice SEO already in place for just a few extra dollars.  You know, several times I have looked at GoDaddys listings and I found an Expired Domain Name that I wasn’t even interested in, yet it was so hot I bought it and created a profitable Wed site for the niche I had never even considered before.  Give it a try.  Go find the Expired Domain Name that’s right for you!
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