How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name


How To Choose A Domain Name is the first and most important in the whole Web site process.  Think about it, that domain name is your identity on the Internet.  Now, if this is your personal Web site, blog, or what ever, the domain name may not seem so important, but what if this is going to be your business?  Having a “good” domain name (identity) could be the yes or no to being successful.  Below are some tips about How To Choose A Domain Name.


Keywords In How To Choose A Domain Name

Do some brainstorming on various keywords (what someone types into a search engine like Google).  Find some keywords pertinent to your topic or niche and try to find a domain name with those words.  Keep in mind also, that this “keyword rich” domain name may become your “brand” name on the Internet, so be resourceful.


Dot Com

How To Choose A Domain Name and the “dot com”.  Granted, a lot of the really good domain names have been taken long ago.  This may give you thoughts of using a different extension like .info or .me to have a better selection of names.  Anything other than .com and you run the risk of not being taken seriously.  Using a .net or .org can sometimes be accepted, but put some effort into finding a .com.


Hyphens and Numbers In How To Choose A Domain Name

There has always been an argument that’s it’s much harder to remember a domain name that has hyphens or numbers in it, thus making it easy to type the wrong name into your browser.  My argument to that is this – now days, probably over 90% of all Web site visits are the result of someone clicking on a link from another Web site.  Very few people type in a domain name any more.  With that said, lets also be practical. doesn’t look bad, does it?  How about  Get my point?  Numbers are the same.  How does sound?  38WebHosting678?  You’ve got the point!


Looong Domain Names

Try to keep your domain name short and easy to remember.  However, if you are looking for visitors in a very specific market, a “long tail keyword” domain name might give you that extra edge with the search engines.  If your specific niche is to sell an book on “how to die your hair purple”, I’m going to guess that may very well be available.  You won’t get any search engine traffic from people wanting to die their hair black, but then you can about them anyway.


Expiring or Expired Domain Names

We all know, the longer a product has been around, the more presumed credibility it has.  Domain names are the same, especially in the eyes of the search engines.  If you can find a good domain name that has expired buy it!  If it’s expired you know it already has a minimum of one year of age or credibility over any domain name you’d buy today.


Conclusion How To Choose A Domain Name

Don’t loose any sleep over this, but do give it some serious thought and make what will be the best decision based upon your specific situation.  Don’t forget to check out my next article, Buying A Domain Name.  That’s How To Choose A Domain Name!