Making Money Selling Domain Names

Making Money Selling Domain Names
Making Money Selling Domain Names


Have you ever thought of Making Money Selling Domain Names? The idea of selling a domain name has been around as long as domain names themselves. People have been Making Money Selling Domain Names for years, but it’s only recently that the whole idea has grown very popular. The whole idea has adopted its own name – “Domain Flipping”


Reasons To Sell Domain Names

There are three basic reasons why people sell domain names.

  • Some people make a good (very good) living buying and selling domain names. Probably about half of these people will buy a domain name today, and by tomorrow it’s for sale – usually at a domain auction site like Flippa. The other half of the people will try to build up the value of the domain name before selling it. I’ll cover this more below.
  • Another group of people will buy a domain name and build the site for their own use. Then for what ever reason, they will sell this money generating Web site for a nice profit. Why sell a money generating Web site? Several reasons, it may be taking too much of their time for upkeep, they may like the thrill/challenge of creating some thing new and successful, or it may simply be time for retirement!
  • The last person selling a domain name is the person who tried to build a profitable Web site and for what ever reason it simply hasn’t worked. It hasn’t generated any money, so they sell it. I personally have always wondered who would buy a domain name that has failed to produce, but apparently this does work. Lots of people are selling these “failed” domain names every day. But then, out of the millions of people buying domain names, how many do you need to find? One!


Research Before Making Money Selling Domain Names

As with anything, you’re going to need to do some research if you want to be successful making Money Selling Domain Names. What you need to look at are the same factors that you would consider before buying your own domain name. As I’ve done in so many other articles, I must introduce you to the most important term in Internet Marketing – “keyword”. Simply stated, the keyword (words) is what someone types into their Web browser when searching for information. Rule number one in Search Engine Optimization is to have your keyword(s) in your domain name. Finding what is going to be a productive keyword is an art/science of its own and I will be doing more articles getting into the specifics of keyword research. For now, lets just say – be sure the keywords your focusing on are in the domain name you choose.


Build Value For Making Money Selling Domain Names

It’s pretty obvious that the more valuable a domain names is, the higher it will sell for. So the obvious question – how do you give value to your domain name? Well, the one word answer is “traffic”. To get a traffic generating domain name, step one is to get domain hosting for it and set up a Web site. The Web site doesn’t have to be a 100 page complicated monster. In fact, most domain flippers will often only have a one page site. The key is to get traffic (visitors) to that page. There are many ways to get traffic but there are just a couple that you need to concentrate on. These are covered in my article Domain Name And SEO.


Making Money Selling Domain Names Summary

There is money to be made flipping domain names. It does require some work on your part, but it can be accomplished and very profitable. Many people are supplementing their regular income flipping domains. Some people are making a very good living doing this. As with every thing else, what you put into this is how well you’ll be rewarded. I’ve only given you a brief introduction to this niche and you will need to do much more research before jumping into this. I will leave you with this – Making Money Selling Domain Names is just one niche, but it has been a profitable niche for many!
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