Misspelled Domain Name

Misspelled Domain Name
Misspelled Domain Name


How often do you think some one types a Misspelled Domain Name into their Web browser? Well, it doesn’t happen every time, but it does occur enough that it should not be ignored. So, let’s take a look at how, why, and when a Misspelled Domain Name happens.


Reasons For A Misspelled Domain Name

There are two basic reasons why some one might not spell a name correctly. First is the obvious, they simply don’t know the correct spelling. How many people do you think would spell domain – domane? On the other side, how about a simple “typo” mistake? They spell domain d-o-m-a-i-m accidentally hitting the “m” instead of the “n” key. Now there are not so many people making such mistakes, but some do. So what happens to those few searches that have a mistake in the spelling?


Search Engines And The Misspelled Domain Name


Now the search engines will automatically give you the results of what ever you asked for. If you typed in domane, the top results you get will be for domane. Now yes, search engines have gotten very smart over the years and will probably ask you if you meant domain, but they will still show you the results of your original request.


Misspelled Domain Name – Now What?

From what I have said so far, it should be rather obvious to you that the whole idea of a Misspelled Domain Name could be a niche of its own! If you are trying to break into a very difficult niche, this could be your secret weapon. If there are tens-of-thousands of people searching for your niche, and you can never rank high enough to ever be found – why not go for the few hundred people that spelled the name wrong? Wouldn’t it be nice to grab those hundreds of visitors rather than getting none of the thousands?


SEO And A Misspelled Domain Name

Rule number one in great Search Engine Optimization is to include your niche keyword in your domain name. A Misspelled Domain Name may be your answer to rule one where all of the “big guys” have years ago taken the correctly spelled domain name, you may be able to get a common spelling mistake for your domain name.


Good Trick Or Unprofessional

Another issue that needs to be considered before going with the Misspelled Domain Name is this; what is the image or impression your Misspelled Domain Name leaves with the visitor. Depending on the actual words or words your using, the visitor may totally dismiss any relevance of the misspelling. On the other hand, the visitor may see this simple misspelling and get the impression that you are unprofessional or simply an idiot that can’t even spell your own niche keyword.


Summary Of Misspelled Domain Name

As shown above, using a Misspelled Domain Name can give you some great leverage and visibility leading to traffic that you may have never seen otherwise. Then there is the unprofessional issue. As always, this is going to be your Web site. This is going to be your Domain Name, your identity and will create your Internet presence. It must be your decision on how to use, or not use, a Misspelled Domain Name when starting your Web site.
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This has bee, Misspelled Domain Name!