Internet Marketing – Optimize Conversions to Increase Sales

Internet Marketing – Optimize Conversions to Increase Sales

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By Glen Andrade

Are you making the most of the traffic your website receives? Internet marketing often focuses on drawing more visitors to the website. However, by split testing your sales pages, you can optimize conversions to increase sales on the traffic your site already receives.

Too Many Choices?

If your sales page is too crowded, the customer finds it hard to see what is best for her and where to buy it. Sometimes just the time it takes to find a button on the page can be enough to discourage the sale entirely. Experiment with offering fewer choices and placing a lot of white space around the buttons, so your customer sees a clear path to the sale.

Not Enough Choice?

Sometimes it helps to give the customer a little more choice to drive up the sale and the perceived value. Experiment with giving your customer a few choices to see if you can:

* Anchor a higher price in the customer’s mind.
* Create a sense of comparison shopping without having to leave your page.

Always lead with the most expensive item or package to “anchor” the higher price. If you were selling cameras priced $350, $225, $150, then showing the $350 one first makes the customers compare all the others to that price. Many times just offering that $350 camera will sell more $250 cameras and increase sales for the page overall.

Button Placement

In addition to providing a lot of white space around your buttons, experiment with placing your button in different places on the page. Above the fold, center of the page, bottom right – there are many places that a customer might logically look for a button. Depending on the other design elements and sales copy, you may find that a different place on the page leads to more conversions and increased sales.


You can also test different colors for your button and other page elements. You may feel that red works best, but until you test, you just won’t know for sure. Maybe a red arrow that directs the eye to a green button works better. Testing reveals the little tweaks that matter.

Call To Action

Another area to test is the words you use in your call to action. Many people swear by the tried-and-true “click here.” Others have more success with a simple “Buy Now.” Split test the words on your buttons to see what triggers a conversion in your customers.

Split Testing to Optimize Conversions

By testing different designs, colors, and copy, Internet marketers hone in on little changes that add up to big improvements in conversion rates. Before your next pay-per-click campaign, you may want to try these tests to optimize conversions and increase sales on the traffic you already enjoy.

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Internet Marketing – Optimize Conversions to Increase Sales

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