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Is Niche Finder the answer to your keyword prayers?  So why am I even asking this question, this is a Domain Hosting Information Web Site.  Well, if your exploring Domain Hosting options, you must be at least thinking about getting a Domain Name and setting up a Web site.  If that’s true, you’re going to want traffic (visitors) to that web site, and THE way to get traffic is to use the keywords that people are searching for.

So, I’ll ask the question again; is Niche Finder the answer to your keyword prayers?  It was for me when I first found it.  If you know anything about starting an Internet business, then you already know the importance of “good” keywords.  And, if you know anything about doing keyword research, you know it can be a real time consuming headache.  Niche Finder is just one of many keyword tools on the market today.  Niche Finder is not the cheapest keyword tool out there, but in my opinion, it is the best.  I’ve been using Niche Finder for a few months now and it has been worth ten times its price just on time saved, not to mention actual profits from using keywords I may never have found in hours using some other method.


So, let me tell you some more about Niche Finder:


Niche Finder Finds Quality Keywords

It finds the keywords being searched for on Google now.  It finds keywords with little competition.  This all means you can get ranked high, quickly, and with easy to get traffic.


How Niche Finder Works

Unlike most of the other keyword tools, Niche Finder does not give you tons of totally useless information.  It show you only the things you need to know in order to find profitable keywords that are going to get you traffic and increase your business.


The Steps For Niche Finder

I probably should say “the step”.  All you do is think of a basic keyword and then enter that word into the program.  Click on the start button and in a matter of seconds you’ve got all the information that you need.  Niche Finder will return a list of 50 keywords closely related to your original keyword.  Each of these 50 keywords have columns showing you:

A difficulty rating based on both on-page and off-page SEO from other Web sites competing for this keyword based on a proprietary algorithm.  Here you can see at a glance if this is a good, bad, or so-so keyword to pursue.

A difficulty column expressed as a percentage, based on the competition.

Two columns showing the number of actual Google searches for the keyword, both globally and locally.

A Cost Per Click column showing what this keyword is currently paying in Google Adsense.

An Adwords column showing how many advertisers are currently paying for this keyword.

Total Results column showing the number of Web sites Google is currently displaying for this keyword.

Three columns show the availability of this exact keyword as a .com, .net, or .org domain name. Additionally, when the keyword is clicked on, Niche Finder will show other closely related domain name choices that are available.

Last is another feature real domain hunters will love.  Niche Finder can show you all of the related domain names that are “aged” or expired and available to register.


Niche Finder Summary

I think you will agree that Niche Finder can be an invaluable tool when you are looking for just the right keywords that are going to get traffic to your Web site.  I have Niche Finder and use it constantly.  I love the ease and accuracy it gives and I do recommend it for the serious Webmaster.


Niche Finder

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