PR Do-Follow No-Follow

PR Do-Follow No-Follow
PR  Do-Follow  No-Follow

PR  Do-Follow  No-Follow, hummm, those are important terms but there is always a lot of confusion about what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to these.  I have found what I think is a pretty good article that talks more about this topic and I’ve posted it below.  Have a look, and I hope it will be of help to you better understanding PR  Do-Follow  No-Follow a little better.


The Truth About “no PR”, and Do-Follow / No-Follow Backlinks

Every marketer wants to get high PR, valuable backlinks to their sites. We all want do follow backlinks as well. And there`s nothing bad about that, except for one thing – while 99% of the Internet Marketing world want those links, smart marketers do not ignore the “not so popular” backlinks. And you know why? Because they work!

Do-Follow? or No-Follow? Or BOTH?

Do-follow backlinks are great. They are spidered by the search engines spiders, and whenever they see a do-follow attribute, they visit the website the link points to.

But who told that no-follow links are bad? the “no-follow” attribute of the link just tells the search engine spider that it needs to visit that page or not. But whether the link has a “do-follow” or a “no-follow” attribute, search engines do see those links, and they DO have impact for the rankings.

For example: Squidoo lenses allow comments, and those comments are no-follow. many WordPress blogs comments are no follow as well. But if you comment on those pages, and add 10-15% of the “no-follow” backlinks to your arsenal, you will see a huge increase in rankings.

We have tested this ourselves, and we know this can be proved by many other marketers. If you have some time for researching, you can do a Google search and you will find many blogs where people share their results with do-follow links and no-follow links. You definitely want to have a mix of both, even if the no-follow make just a small part of the overall backlink count.

0 PR backlinks from inner pages. Do they help?

When building backlinks on high PR sites, of course the best thing you can get is a backlink from the homepage. But that’s hard to get for free, and if you buy, one backlink of that type usually costs around $10, which is a lot.

Now, there is still a way to increase your page rank and search engine results position by getting the backlinks from the inner pages of the high PR website.

For example, our site currently has a PR of 2, while this exact post has a PR of zero. Yet still, if you leave a comment for this post, you’ll get a backlink of PR2, even though the exact page you leave the link on, has PR0.

Same thing with forum profiles, and profiles on various membership sites. These links are usually referred to as “high PR profile links”, and they are the same links we are building for our customers at Once you become a member of that site or forum, you get a brand new page which is your “profile page”. There you enter details about yourself, and you can add a couple of links pointing to your site. Because the profile page is new, it just cannot have a PR, but this does not mean that your backlinks are not valuable. They are, because they carry a PR of the HOME page of the site, not of the profile page of yours.

And, as we said previously, most important thing is to keep on building backlinks, not worrying about the PR, do-follow / no-follow, or anything else. Just build more and more backlinks, they all count.

To your success!

Ivana and Alex
I hope you found this article on PR  Do-Follow  No-Follow interesting and helpful.  I’ll be looking for more “goodies” to post here in the future.  Until then, don’t forget, at Domain Hosting Place there’s always something new to be found!