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SEO Pressor Works! You can call this an article, review, testimonial, or whatever, but I have been using SEP Pressor for a few months now, and this is a tool that works.  This is the tool that I use to make sure I am following all of the rules for Keyword Usage.  But that’s just the start.


Why SEO Pressor?

Why anything?  Because getting traffic to your Web site is the most important thing in being successful and proper Search Engine Optimization is what’s going to make it happen.  Remember, SEO is a very critical part of getting traffic and quite simply there are only two ways to do SEO; the wrong way and the right way.  So, how do you want to do it, the wrong way or the right way?  Assuming your answer is “the right way”, you now have to ways to do that, the hard way or the easy way.  What’s your choice?  You can do the entire SEO for your Web site on your own manually, but that will become your life.  Do you really want to become a slave to your Web site?  So, why not do it the easy way?  That is what SEP Pressor can do for you – SEO the easy way.


What Does SEO Pressor Do?

When you install the SEO Pressor plug-in on your WordPress site, each time you add a post or new page, SEO Pressor will:


Analyze the Title, H1, H2, H3 Tags

These are the important attention getters for the search engines and are a must to get high rankings.  SEO Pressor will look at how you’ve used these tags and offer suggestions to improve them.


Analyze Your Keyword Density And Length Of Content

SEO Pressor will evaluate and again make suggestions on your keyword percentage as well as helping you get the best amount of content that will please the search engines.


Analyze Your Keyword Placement

It’s not just the percentage or number of times you use your keyword, but where did you use it.  Here again, you’ll be given suggestions for improvement.


Analyze Any Image You Have

It’s important to have pictures on your Web site.  They are aesthetically nice for your viewers plus using links properly also helps.


Adds Alt Tags

This is like getting extra keyword recognition.  SEO Pressor can automatically add your keywords to the atl tag on images.


Analyze Font Appearance

SEO Pressor can look at your content and make all the suggestions to add bold, italic, or underlining decorations to your font in just the right places for maximum effect in the search engines.


Test And Rate Your Post/Page

SEO Pressor will automatically analyze and test your content to see how effective it will be.


Score Your Post/Page

SEO Pressor will give you an actual score from 0-100% based on how well it will do in search engine results.


SEO Pressor Secret Algorithm

Yep, SEO Pressor has its own secret algorithm built in to tell you how well it’s going to do in a Google search.



As soon as any changes are made to your content, SEO Pressor will do the entire analyzing process again and give you the new score and suggestions.



Thru the entire content creation/modification process, SEO Pressor is keeping you undated, informed, and giving suggestions for even better performance of your Web site.


SEO Pressor Conclusion

I have it.  I use it.  I love it.  I would never create another WordPress Web site with it.  I have used SEO Pressor to check some of my older Web sites, and I’ve found many areas for improvement.  Once I made those improvements, those sites soared higher than I thought possible.  Check it out and I think you’ll agree that SEO Pressor is a must have for anyone serious about getting traffic.

SEO Pressor
Don’t forget to check out my article on Keyword Usage; it will explain more about what SEO Pressor is going to do for you automatically!
DISCLOSURE: Any information presented here is my own opinion.  I have taken great effort to present clear and accurate information, often by personal testing of the product.  I do not receive any compensation for the reviews and articles that I write; I do however, in most cases, receive an affiliate commission for actual sales made as a result of my publications. Other than being an affiliate, I am in no way associated with any of the companies or products I review.
SEO Pressor Works!