The Benefits of Misspelled Domain Names

The Benefits of Misspelled Domain Names

By J J Dee

In terms of search engine keywords, there are those which potentially become gold mines. Unfortunately, they are being ignored. Usually, these are phrases or words which have been misspelled accidentally. Essentially, search engines will connect to results which consists of the correct spelling. However, it will similarly show sites which have misspelled keywords.

If one of such sites capture a surfer’s eye, they could visit it. This is why a lot of webmasters will solely create sites around keywords which are misspelled. Believe it or not, they also are more than ready to pay money to bid on PPC search engine ads.

Be aware that misspelled keywords could assist in another aspect in online marketing. When a misspelled keyword is popular and is within a domain name, search engine bots could notice the site more easily – as long as it will not be listed with the correctly spelled keywords. Still, traffic from an incorrectly spelled keyword is better than none at all. One simply needs to decide if they want to have a website brand with an improperly spelled domain name.

Could a web owner make a confirmation when they are selecting the name of a domain? Firstly, they need to see what their site is for. If they are promoting Adsense or doing affiliate marketing is irrelevant as they are branding their domain name appropriately. But if they are utilizing a site to promote a company, they need to keep the name of their domain as professional as they possibly can.

A webmaster also needs to check if having a misspelled keyword is lucrative. In order to know if an incorrectly spelled keyword is profitable, they can check with the use of a keyword analyzer. Take note that there are paid keyword analyzers which possess features wherein one could see the kinds of misspelled keywords worth using. Though a misspelled name is not harmful to a web owner promoting affiliate websites, they really do not want it to be an option specially if the keyword receives little traffic.

If a misspelled keyword fits both of these criteria, a webmaster may want to consider putting it in their domain name. From there they will need to decide if they want that keyword to be included in the content. If it is then there’s an even greater likelihood search engine bots will index the website according to the misspelled keyword. However, if it’s not there’s still a chance that the website could be indexed according to the correct keyword, though if this ranking is low, it may not be a preferable option.

A webmaster will be the one who is to decide if their content looks professional using the incorrectly spelled keyword. There are certain words which are naturally difficult to spell that one might not notice it easily, e.g. mesothelioma.

All in all, having a misspelled keywords within a domain could be a good way to acquire website traffic covertly. Still, caution must always be taken.

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The Benefits of Misspelled Domain Names

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